A holiday in South Tyrol with the family: summer full of possibilities

Our children’s programme for little explorers and adventurers

The wonderful nature that surrounds our hotel in South Tyrol is a unique adventure playground for children. Climbing on the rocks and in the trees, splashing around in the crystal-clear water of the clean mountain streams, and watching marmots and squirrels – in the Dolomites, kids can experience a lot. We also ensure this with our unique children’s programme during the holiday season.

Our little guests can look forward to endless fun and games. Here is a glimpse into our varied children’s programme:

Let’s go to the Tschetterloch cave!

How about a little adventure? Equipped with shovels and good shoes, the little ones set off together with Andreas to the mysterious “Tschetterloch”. Back in the day, this cave served as a hideout for savage men, fairies, and other mythological creatures as well as persecuted Christians. People from Tires/Tiers say that the cave narrows more and more once you enter. But those who are brave enough to crawl through on their stomachs are said to reach a larger cave where a table with benches still stands today. At the end of the excursion, the little adventurers are rewarded with a snack by the campfire.

Treasure hunt

Legend has it, King Laurin, the ruler of the magnificent world of fables, the Cantinaccio/Rosengarten, buried his treasure in S. Cipriano/St. Zyprian hundreds of years ago. Together with us, the little ones embark on an exciting hunt for the hidden treasures.

Face painting

Who wouldn’t want to be a princess, Spiderman, or even a tiger for a day? With face painting, this dream becomes reality. A child’s imagination knows no bounds!

Children’s afternoon at the Steger Säge sawmill

Together, we explore the completely renovated Venetian sawmill and observe how the “saw master” cuts planks from tree trunks using power generated by water. We then listen to the birds sing and watch the golden eagle fly. There are also many exciting and interesting things to discover in the Nature Park Visitor Centre.

Children’s geo-coaching hiking day

The trail leads over hill and dale, first along the stream and then over lush green Alpine pastures to Geisbödele. The exact route is coded so it is important to look for signs and directions to get to the next point. An exciting adventure day at the foot of the Catinaccio/Rosengarten, of which your darlings will tell you all about for a long time to come.