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Yogaübungen in Freier Natur: durch den Eisbach waten beim Yogaurlaub in Südtirol
Mindfulness im Freien in der Umgebung des Yogahotel Cyprianerhof in Südtirol

Let go and relax

Yoga, hiking barefoot, forest bathing, and more

Life is made up of the right combination of excitement and relaxation. All around our hotel in South Tyrol, you can expect a lot of action, while inside, you can relax in every sense. Our balanced exercise and relaxation programme promotes health and increases performance and your well-being. In short, it’s like a fountain of youth.

Interested in learning more? Then take a look at our activities. There is something for everyone.

Sun salutation

All basic exercises from the teachings of yoga come together in the sun salutation. The body is energised. The light stretching exercises prepare you for the day. Duration: 15 min.

Barefoot hiking

Walking barefoot over dewy meadows is the ideal start to the morning. Feel the earth beneath your feet. Light foot exercises prepare you for the new adventures in nature. Duration: 15 – 20 min.

The art of breathing right

Under the guidance of our qualified wellness trainer Andreas, you will find the right breathing technique. Discover the power of proper breathing, which has a positive effect on the mind, metabolism, nervous system, and circulation.

Vitalpina Deep Breathing

Since 2011, the Vitalpina Hotels Südtirol have inspired with their unique programme “Deep Breathing”. Whether you’re on a hike, during a massage, or Vitalpina aroma experiences – learn to breathe properly to regain strength.

Forest bathing

A short walk or run through the forest and the fresh nature is enough to feel more relaxed and rested afterwards. The Japanese have known this for a long time and have developed the “Shinrin-Yoku”, forest bathing, from it. We’ll show you what it’s all about.

Fit back

You can strengthen and mobilise your back through targeted exercises. The various stretches prevent back pain. The posture also improves in everyday life.