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Paar beim Wanderurlaub in Südtirol im Dolomitengebiet des Rosengarten
Wandern in den Dolomiten beim Urlaub im Cyprianerhof das Wanderhotel beim Rosengarten in Südtirol
Höhenwanderung und Dolomitentour im Rosengartenmassiv beim Wanderurlaub im Wanderhotel Cyprianerhof

Our hiking hotel in South Tyrol, your peak of holiday happiness

Time for a change of perspective

There is nothing more precious than time – especially time to disconnect and recharge your batteries. At our hiking hotel in South Tyrol, we cannot stop time, but we can make your summer holiday in South Tyrol count as one of the best times of the year. A time when only the moment counts and everyday life is forgotten. How do we do that at our hiking hotel in South Tyrol? We join you on different adventurous hikes and conquer secluded mountain peaks together with you. Put on your hiking boots and walk together with your host Martin Damian and the experienced mountain guides on the path of happiness. We look forward to welcoming you to our hiking hotel in South Tyrol with tailor-made offers.

Our hiking hotel, the gateway to the spectacular Rosengarten trails, is the perfect starting point for your hiking vacation in the Dolomites. Whether you prefer a relaxing walk through picturesque landscapes or seek the challenge of a demanding mountain tour, we have the right offer for you. Our expert mountain guides will accompany you on guided hikes, specially designed to let you experience the fascinating nature and breathtaking panoramas of the Rosengarten. Each route is carefully selected to ensure that you not only enjoy the beauty of the Dolomites but also immerse yourself in the unique culture and history of the region.

mountain adventure
mountain adventure
mountain adventure
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  • A bird’s eye view
  • Enjoy freedom to the fullest

Our world is the mountains. We have been exploring the Dolomites since our early childhood. Around our hiking hotel in South Tyrol at the foot of the Catinaccio/Rosengarten, we know every peak, every plant, every wild animal, and of course, many stories and legends about the Catinaccio/Rosengarten. For us, hiking and mountaineering are more than just exercise. A hiking holiday in South Tyrol is the best way to get away from it all. With every vertical metre, the distance from everyday life increases and your mind becomes freer with every step. In the silence of nature, it is very easy to listen to your thoughts. At the top of the mountain, you will experience this unique feeling of absolute freedom and the satisfaction of having overcome your own limits. We want to share this experience with you on our guided mountain tours. Join us on our way and discover new horizons at the hiking hotel in South Tyrol!

Discover the Catinaccio/Rosengarten from our hiking hotel in South Tyrol

Holidays at our hiking hotel in South Tyrol at the foot of the Catinaccio/Rosengarten will give you an entirely new perspective. A unique open-air arena for unforgettable mountain adventures is waiting for you right in front of the hotel door. The Catinaccio/Rosengarten, which mesmerises everyone who encounters it, is your constant companion. You can draw from the full range of activities surrounding our hiking hotel in South Tyrol. From leisurely forest and meadow walks around the tranquil village, which belongs to the Alpine Pearls, to hikes on the Alpe di Siusi/Seiser Alm or in the extremely romantic Valle Ciamin/Tschamintal valley to real summit victories in the Dolomites – around our hiking hotel in South Tyrol, there are many paths to happiness. Discover them all and book your time out in the mountains now.

Heidi, Roland & Klothilde
The mountains are their world

A unique character with a lot of heart and even more humour, this is how our guests describe Heidi, a walking encyclopaedia of herbs, who fascinates listeners with the stories and legends around Catinaccio/Rosengarten and with her true stories of the harsh mountain life in the past.

Our hiking guide Herbert is always there for a good laugh. He goes hiking with you three to four times a week. The retired forest ranger has taken a liking to life in nature. A hike with him is a unique discovery tour through the Dolomites, during which you get to know the flora and fauna of this wonderful landscape up close because.

You'll be on the safe side with Artur. The certified hiking guide was a volunteer leader in the mountain rescue Tires/Tiers for 30 years and knows the area like the back of his hand. His love for nature and his mountains resonates in his numerous stories.

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Cyprianerhof 1,175 m – The mountains are calling! There’s no stopping you.

Between the forests and the meadows 1,400 m – How wonderful: time to disconnect in nature

Forest line 2,000 m – The view expands, the mind becomes free.

Close to the rock 2,500 m – Feel the power of the Dolomites.

Cima Vajolet/Vajolet-Spitze 2,749 m – A bird’s eye view of the world below.