Diego Villegas

Resident artist and cultural manager

Dear guests and friends of the Cyprianerhof,  

my name is Diego Villegas, I come from other mountains, where green dense forests and gigantic cities conquer the heights, the Andes. I was born in Bogotá, home to over 8 million people at 2600 meters of altitude. I´ve always had a wide curiosity, but art has consistently been a kind of home; music and theatre have been languages I speak. At age 19, I embraced a part of me that was going to be central to my identity; singing. Which, consequently, made me fall in love with a foreign form of art; the opera.

Craving for the world, I moved to Vienna in 2012 to study classical singing at the University of Music and Performing Arts. There, I lived, learned, sang, and fell in love. After seven years in the Austrian capital, that love brought me to Italy, where I developed more managerial skills during my masters in Cultural Management at the University of Bologna.

That same love has brought me back to the mountains. To the Alps this time. In the Cyprianerhof, I found a place where excitement and peace coexist, and create a balance that ignites wellbeing. In the Damian Family, I found a pack that welcomed me with generosity and trust, and took me as their own to face the future.
Now, I have the extraordinary opportunity to sing for all of you and share the enchantment that I find in the arts. But don´t let me tell you everything about it, come discover the Chamber Music Dolomiti concerts and all the surprises that we are putting together for you!  

Looking forward to meeting you,  

Diego Villegas