Winter climbing – an ice-cold thrill

Discover the cold season vertically!

Climbing in winter is always an adventure. With great strength, you hit the axe into the ice, which hangs between the rocks and shines in the winter sun in a variety of colours. Slowly but surely, you climb higher and higher. All that matters is the here and now, the ice, and you. The passion for ice climbing is contagious. You will notice this when you attend our ice climbing introductory course.

Our experienced mountain guide will show you how to move skilfully on difficult terrain with the help of crampons and ice axes in the Val di Fassa or Val Badia/Gadertal valley. Under supervision, you will follow the course of a stream, overcome smaller and larger steep steps, and finally reach the top, where a magnificent panorama awaits you. The introductory course costs 140.00 euro per person with 2 to 3 participants.

You can indulge in your favourite hobby in the cold season both on the ice and on rewarding winter via ferrata routes. From the Val d’Adige/Etschtal valley over Val di Fassa valley to Arco – at our hotel in South Tyrol, we will show you the most beautiful tours. Are you ready for this adventure?