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Conquer the peaks on your summer holiday in South Tyrol

A peaceful break for your soul

Being happy can be so easy – especially on your summer holiday in South Tyrol. Majestic mountains, clear mountain lakes, wonderfully blooming Alpine meadows, and this indescribable fragrance of flowers, wild herbs, and trees are the ingredients for your personal holiday happiness. The untouched nature that surrounds our hotel at the Catinaccio/Rosengarten is probably the most beautiful sight you will encounter during your summer holiday in South Tyrol. No matter whether you set off on foot or by bike – a day in the mountains is pure luxury for the soul. Clear your head and fill your heart with joy. During your summer holiday in South Tyrol, discover new paths that lead to freedom together with us.

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Summer holidays in South Tyrol are naturally relaxing. The high rock towers, the mighty walls, and bizarre peaks of the Dolomites glow in white and grey in the sun and rise like monuments against the light blue sky. Reaching one of these peaks gives you the feeling of absolute freedom. You’re so close to the sky that everyday life takes a back seat. In view of this sea of summits that spreads out in front of you, many things in life become trivial. Every step in nature leads to oneself and to the really important things in life. Hotelier Martin Damian and the experienced mountain guides from our hiking hotel in South Tyrol will accompany you on your way to the top during your summer holiday in South Tyrol. From simple hikes and mountain tours to via ferrata – we have everything in our weekly programme for successful summer holidays in South Tyrol.

mountain adventure
mountain adventure
mountain adventure

Holidays in South Tyrol: a summer like back in the days

The impressive mountain world of the Dolomites follows you everywhere you go during your summer holiday in South Tyrol. It is the source of unbelievable energy, which you will immediately feel on holiday in South Tyrol in summer and travel through unspoilt nature – whether you are on foot or travelling by bike. The area around Tires/Tiers is still considered by mountain bikers to be a insider’s tip, which they like to keep to themselves. All around our mountain hotel in South Tyrol, you can discover lots of nature trails, which will lead you into the seclusion of the mountains and to undreamt-of heights.

Higher, faster, further – this is also the motto for passionate mountain runners who want to push their limits during their summer holiday in South Tyrol. Near our hotel at the Catinaccio/Rosengarten, you will find a lot of running paths – from easy forest paths to spectacular high-altitude trails. Golfers, on the other hand, will find their holiday happiness in the Golf Club Carezza South Tyrol.

One thing’s for sure: You can’t buy happiness, but you can book it – at the Cyprianerhof in Tires/Tiers.

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Cyprianerhof 1,175 m – The mountains are calling! There’s no stopping you.

Between the forests and the meadows 1,400 m – How wonderful: time to disconnect in nature

Forest line 2,000 m – The view expands, the mind becomes free.

Close to the rock 2,500 m – Feel the power of the Dolomites.

Cima Vajolet/Vajolet-Spitze 2,749 m – A bird’s eye view of the world below.