Dive into the diversity of South Tyrol.

Alpine-Mediterranean delights

Get to know (and love) the diversity of South Tyrolean cuisine during your holiday in South Tyrol.

The cuisine at the Cyprianerhof is just as diverse as the nature surrounding our hotel. High-quality, natural ingredients from the region play the leading role in our food. Crunchy South Tyrolean apples, local grains, and fresh berries from Völser Aicha all find their way into our dishes. Monika Damian, head chef and daughter of the owners, uses such natural treasures to whip up tasty works of art that will delight your eyes and your palate.

South Tyrolean culture is known to combine Alpine traditions and Mediterranean influences. This combination is reflected in the gastronomic landscape of South Tyrol and gives rise to unparalleled culinary diversity. Here you will find delicacies to suit all tastes. Simple but tasty dishes have originated from peasant cuisine. The ingredients, which include potatoes, grains, vegetables, dairy products, and meat, are sourced primarily from local farms. A must-try is South Tyrolean speck, a staple in every mountain hut. Balancing this are Mediterranean-inspired dishes like pasta and pizza. South Tyrol truly offers a harmonious blend of these culinary worlds. Have you ever tasted a pizza topped with speck?

Beyond focusing on local produce, we prioritise seasonal ingredients in our culinary creations. Every season graces us with its unique bounty, inspiring us to craft delightful dishes for our guests. Autumn, for example, is the time of apples and chestnuts. For those with a penchant for sweets, it’s the prime time for apple strudel, apple pancakes, chocolate-dipped chestnut hearts, and savoury roasted chestnuts.

If all this has made you hungry for something tasty from the Cyprianerhof, take a look here and dive deeper into Cyprianerhof’s culinary magic. We have collected some classic recipes from our kitchen for you to recreate and relish at home! Are you drooling yet?

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