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Tango Days

€ 1,067.00


Tango Days

07/05 – 12/05/2024
4 Overnight stays incl. half board

Dive into the passionate world of Tango! In our exclusive Tango Week, you'll experience unforgettable moments filled with rhythm and elegance. Our renowned Tango dancers, Marcelo and Noemí, founders of the Tangomango Tango school in Vienna, will immerse you in the fascinating art of Tango dance.

For beginners, we offer exciting introductory courses, while advanced dancers can look forward to captivating Tango evenings – a true Tango party brimming with passion and melodic tunes. Whether you're taking your first Tango steps or aiming to perfect your skills, Tango Days promise a week of emotions, community, and unforgettable experiences.
Discover the fire of Tango, let the music carry you away, and immerse yourself in a week of love, passion, and rhythmic harmony. Tango Days at – experience the dance that connects hearts.