Embracing sustainability

Sustainability and environmental protection are very important to us at the Cyprianerhof.

Is sustainability an important topic for you? Then you’ve come to the right place at the Cyprianerhof because sustainability and environmental protection are priorities for us as well. Our hotel was awarded the Tyrolean Ecolabel as early as 1988 – long before “sustainability” and “environmental protection” became buzzwords.

We grew up in close contact with nature and believe that we should not only take from it but also give something back, so future generations can continue to enjoy it. Over time, this belief has spurred us to transition to a sustainable wood chip system for heating and implement a ventilation mechanism equipped with heat recovery features. Additionally, we have installed an electric vehicle charging station and constructed a solar power installation to generate green energy for our hotel. We are also a partner of the Climate Neutrality Alliance 2025, which means that we have set ourselves the goal of making our hotel operations 100% climate neutral.

Here are four tips for you on how to enjoy a more sustainable holiday:

  • Treat your car to a holiday and use public transport. South Tyrol’s transport network is well-developed, and you can easily reach any destination.
  • Avoid single-use plastic. Reduce waste by opting for reusable bottles, bags, and other items.
  • Be mindful of your energy use. Switch off the lights and air conditioning when you leave your room, and only request fresh towels when necessary.
  • Shop consciously. Locally produced souvenirs and gifts not only reflect the culture of the destination but also contribute to sustainability.

As a sustainable hotel in South Tyrol, the Cyprianerhof is aware of its social responsibilities, and we take them very seriously. By holidaying with us, you are helping to make tourism more sustainable and protect our precious natural environment.

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