Today's activity advice

Via ferrata Masaré

Via ferrata Masaré
From the Costalunga pass a path brings us to the refuge Roda di Vael. From here a short attack brings us to the Via ferrata Masaré. Climbing of average difficulty that develops on the crest of Masaré with magnificent views over the valley of the Vael and eastern Dolomites. Walking time 5-6 hours, 4 Min 2 Max
€ 115.00 p.p.

The weather of today

Mostly sunny weather. Partly denser clouds and possible rain showers on the mountains of the eastern main alpine crest, elsewhere mostly dry.

The weather of the next days

We, 18.07
Min 8 - Max 34

Th, 19.07
Min 9 - Max 34

Fr, 20.07
Min 9 - Max 34


Force of alpine herbs

This herbal stamp massage activates the metabolism and the musculature. The herbs have a detoxifying and purifying effect and prevent sore muscles. Ideal in order to balance the body after sporty activities. Feel the pure force of the herbs.
Price: 73,00 €
Length: 45 minutes


Tuesday, 17.07.18

Hiking tour to the Messner hut with Heidi

the preview for tomorrow

  • at 7:00 am With bread invigorated into the day
  • at 8.00 am Catinaccio d'Antermoia 3.002 m
  • at 8.00 am Climbing on the Vajolet towers
  • at 8.05 am Overcrossing the Sciliar
  • at 08.50 am Hiking tour to the "Schnaggenkreuz" with speck tasting at the Stampferhof
  • at 09.00 am tandemfly
  • at 10.30 am Walking barefooted through the nature - meeting point at the reception
  • at 3.00 pm Gymnastik for the vetebral column - meeting point at the reception
  • at 3.00 pm Preparation of "Tierser Schutza" together with Heidi at our stone oven.
  • at 3.30 pm Alto Adige Balance Highlight: A journey through the world of herbs – from plant to plate - turistic association event
  • at 4.00 pm Belly, legs and bottom aerobic (45 mins) meeting point: reception
  • at 5.00 pm Climbing exercise with our mountain guide
  • at 5.00 pm Classic sauna infusion in the stonepine sauna
  • at 6.00 pm "Herbal Inferno" infusion in the Schupfensauna - our hottest for Sauna professionals