Our head chef recommends



Today you’ll find a horseradish-carrot spread on the table
Hearty herbal creme bruleè with homemade brioche and goose liver
€ 8,00
Fizzy grape-elder foam
€ 5,50


Clear chicken consommè with basil semolina dumpling and tomato concasse
€ 8,00
Homemade ravioli stuffed with pumkin and ginger on light herbsauce
€ 11,00
Ovenfresh strudel from a quark dough with farmer`s ham and paprika
€ 10,50


Grilled Secreto Iberico with light spicy sauce on cauliflower served in two ways
€ 21,00
Calf`s liver by Venezia style with backed onionrings on wholemeal rice
€ 23,00
Artichokes served in two ways with parmesan cheese sabayon
€ 16,00


Gateau St. Honorè with homemade Whisky ice creame
€ 10,00
Fresh fruit, ice cream and southtyrolean cheese from the buffet
€ 11,00

This evening we suggest you to enjoy a Williams to our hikers bar...;-) € 3,50