Room No. _______
Different salads and dressings from the buffet
qty ___ Gateau St. Honorè with homemade Whisky ice creame
qty ___ Fresh fruit, ice cream and southtyrolean cheese from the buffet
This evening we suggest you to enjoy a Williams to our hikers bar...;-) € 3,50

 Healthy and natural food for active guests of regional and seasonal products.

vegetarian: Vegetarian dishes

Climber's dish: Modern South Tyrolean cuisine combined with traditional dishes refined by our kitchen staff


Mountain salt peeling
Pink Himalaya salt and precious vegetable oil remove old skin cells from the surface and nurture at the same time. Thanks to the peeling the skin will be deeply hydrates, and will seem fresh and pure. The vegetable oil provides the skin with moisture and has a smoothing effect.

Price: 48,00 €
Length: 25 minutes

Tschamin water
The hotels in Tires, they want to stimulate thought. The Tschamin water that seeps slowly from the plateau Schlern through the porous dolomite rock and is enriched with minerals and trace elements springs at an altitude of 1,540 m, is served throughout the valley to € 2,00.

The proceeds of the Cyprianerhof goes as a donation to the Mountain Rescue

Apposite to today's evening menu we suggest:

Kalterersee Auslese Olte Reben
Winery Thomas Pichler
Lighting ruby red. Fruity flowers, strawberries, almonds and a breath of marzipan. Good balance and tender dryness confortable acidity. Price: 22,00 €