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Exercise and relaxation programme

Our bodies require regular exercise and sufficient relaxation - as an antidote to the increasingly hectic lives we lead.
Andreas, our wellness trainer sees himself as a person in tune with Nature.
The balanced exercise and relaxation programme promotes health, efficiency and wellbeing. "The will determines the exercise."

Sun salutation

The basic teachings of yoga are combined with sun salutation. The body should be activated; slight stretching movements make you fit for the day ahead. Time 15 minutes.

Tapping awake (Do-In self massage)
By palpitating the meridian channels we activate the energy flow in the body.
During the self-massage in the company of our trainer you experience the positive effects on your body and learn this health-promoting technique from the Far East. (15 min)

Bare-foot hiking (dew cure)
Bare-foot over the fresh dew in the meadows with easy foot gymnastics. Feel the earth under your feet and between your toes. (15-20 min)

On the art of breathing properly
You discover the correct breathing techniques in the fresh air of our mountains under the guidance of our trained wellness trainer, Andreas. Less is more. This applies to many things - especially to breathing. All the exercises are designed to make you aware of the processes of breathing and to help you learn how to breathe in a more balanced way, less and therefore more effectively.
Discover undreamt-of resources for holistic wellbeing, which affects the mind, as well as the metabolism, the nervous system and the circulation.

Health-promoting aqua fitness
In this fitness training, exercises are not only moved from the land into the water, we use the proprieties of the water as well. Exercises in, with and against the water. Lasts about 35 minutes.

Fit back
Gymnastics for the back can strengthen and unlock the back, for our backs are important to us for walking and sitting upright. These exercises guard against back pain, as well practising an upright body position for everyday life at home.

Progressive muscle relaxation
This is easy to learn and often works immediately after the first time.
Individual muscles are tensed and then relaxed in these exercises. This contrast in muscle relaxation allows you to notice the increasing relaxation considerably more intensively than if the muscles had not been tensed to start with.

Suspension Training
The sling trainer principally trains endurance, through the use of one's own body weight. This predominantly trains the small muscles, lying deep and close to the joints. All the exercises on the sling trainer have a positive effect on intra-muscular coordination and on the interplay of the muscle groups and core stability
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