Around the week from 24.04.17 - 30.04.17
Monday, 24.04.2017
8.00 am Sun Salutation with our fitness coach Marco (15 min)
The basic exercises of yoga are united in the sun salutation. The body is to be activated, light stretching make you fit for the day. Meeting point at the fitness area with Fitnesscoach Marco.
8.00 am Introduction for fixed rope route
Introduction in going via ferrata secure with our guides. Basic techniques of rock climbing and safety techniques via ferrata. Perocrrenza via ferrata. € 120.00 for each person.
09.00 am Introductory course: Mountain bike with Marco
Reservation within 7 p.m. of the previous day. Mountainbike rent € 22,00/day.
9.30 am to the Mountain Cavone
Approx. Difference of 500m. and 4-5 hours walking, easy tour.
Taking up the trail in front of the hotel in the Hills Tschamin cross the bridge and follow the path to nr. 4 Laghetto Wuhn and continuing to the hut Tschafon.
After a stop with a good salad you should definitely go to the tip Völsegg (20 min) with a breathtaking view. The descent back down the same street or extending a little past the restaurant and farm Bellavista Völsegg until Cyprianerhof.
3.00 pm Circle training
Circle training of different stations of bodyweight exercises to get strong, flexible, and coordinated. You'll train all parts of your body and will improve your balance and coordination.
4.00 pm Gymnastik for the vetebral column with coach Marco
5.00 pm Honey infusion in the "Schupfensauna"
Starting with harmonious sweet scent of lavender / grapefruit on the first infusion we go over to lavender / tangerine on the second infusion. Now warm honey is distributed for rubbing. We conclude the infusion ritual with essential oils of cinnamon / orange from the third infusion. Music and lights accompany the infusion ritual. Rubbing the warm honey on the open pores of the skin has a detoxifying effect on the connective tissue
6.00 pm Sauna fragrance- Vitalpina
Our traditional infusion with forest scents begins with an infusion of spruce extract, then continues with the second infusion with a mixture of pinewood, peppermint and anise extract. The third infusion closes the sauna ritual with essential oil of mountain pine. All essences are matched so that they exert a calming effect at the beginning and end with a stimulating effect of the body image. It is like a journey through the mountain forest.
Tuesday, 25.04.2017
4.00 am Pilates
Pilates is a systematic total body workout, which especially strengthens our body and at the same time our attitude improved as it reaches the deepest layers of muscle. On the basis of simple exercises you will get an insight into this fascinating form of training. Duration about 40 min.
08.00 am Stretching
8.00 am Climbing tour - Sellatürme
Easy climbing tour, 2nd - 4th degrees on the classic Sella towers;
2 people for € 160,00 per person;
8.50 am Söllnspitze - 1.250m / 6 hours
↑ 350 ↓ 700 m; walking time about 5-6 hours, difficult tour.
Starting from the Niger Pass we go up to the Haniger hut and continue "Huat" a saddle between the valley of Tires and Tschamin. Now, walk off the hill to the foot of Punta Solln. After a short, steep climb we reach the tip. The descent brings us to the alpine pastures and through Plafötsch until Cyprianerhof.
Return around 16:00 p.m.
09.00 am E-Bike-Nigerpass tour
Max. 8 E-Bikes to rent, € 28,00/day/person.
Reservation in the hiking book at the reception within 7 p.m. of the previous day.
3.00 pm Climbing exercise with Marco in Laurin's climbing wall.
Try under the supervision of a professional first climbing attempts in our climbing gym. What is important when backing up? What to consider? How do I use the tabs on the best and how to properly increases in vertical terrain. Marco teaches you the basics and gives tips and advice.
5.00 pm Meditation sauna
6.00 pm Sauna ritual Tyrolean style in the hay sauna
9.00 pm Wine- and cheese tasting in our vine cellar with sommelier Silvia, min. 8 persons; € 21.00
Wednesday, 26.04.2017
8.00 am Via Ferrata Hoachwool
New difficult via Ferrata in Naturno, opened in 2014. The route is well-laid out with special attention given to safety. It features an easy-to-grip steel rope, secure footholds on the smooth rock faces and two ladders. € 130.00 for each person.
09.00 am Hiking tour to the "Schnaggenkreuz" with speck tasting at the Stampferhof
500 m, 4-5 hours, easy hiking tour - € 10,00 per person.
From the hotel we are going to Weißlahnbad and pass the Wuhnleger. In that small lake the Rosengarden and the Vajolettowers are reflected on the water. From this point we are going to Völsegg and Schönblick, until we arrive to the Stampferhof, where we are tasting speck and getting new energy. Afterwards we go to the Schnaggenkreuz and finally we are going down to Presule. By bus we driving back. Return at the hotel at 16:00 p.m.
6.00 pm Sauna fragrance with singing bowls in the clay sauna argilla
Thursday, 27.04.2017
8.02 am Alpine ski tour with the mountain guide Francesco
Leichte Skitour im Marmolada Gebiet je nach Schneeverhältnisse. € 130,00 for each person.
8.30 am Bärenfalle Hammerwand - A scenic hike above the valley 'of Tires
1400m ↑↓, 6-7 hours walk. Challenging tour.
The trail leads through woods and then throug the dell'orsara to the "Ciafac Sattel". Now continues in a wild environment and various views during the day: Schlern, the Rosengarten group, the Valley of Tiers. Rocky uphill and downhill take us on Mittagskofel. (Highest point 2.300m). Now the path down to the cottage Cavone, the "Wuhn Leger" until Cyprianerhof.
Return to the hotel at about 16:00 p.m. Possibility of refreshment at the Tschafon hut between mid April and beginning of November.
5.30 pm Sommelier Silvia opens the wine cellar for you until 7 p.m.
Wine counseling and selection today evening with Sommelier Silvia at the wine cellar until 19.30 p.m.
6.00 pm "Herbal Inferno" infusion in the Schupfensauna - our hottest for Sauna professionals
Starting with a synergy of essential oil of 77 herbs in the first two infusions, on the third infusion evaporated with fire and ice the 37 herbal liquor above the stove. The herbal scent spreads in the room and opens the respiration pathways. Music and lights accompany this infusion ritual.
Friday, 28.04.2017
8.00 am Walking barefooted through the nature
Barefoot on dewy meadows in conjunction with mild foot exercises. Feel the soil on the feet and between the toes.
The reflex zones on the soles are thereby activated and mobilize the entire foot muscles naturally. (15-20 min) Meeting point: fitness area
8.00 am Climbing tour - Rosengarten group (Gardeccia)
Easy climbing tour, 2nd - 4th degrees on the Gardeccia;
2 people for € 160,00 per person;
8.50 am to the marmot valley a hiking tour under the towers of the Masarè
Ascent and descent about 500 hm and 4-5 hours walking time. Easy hiking tour.
The hike starts from Passo Carezza along the path nr.548 that bring us up to the "Bartigen" Alp where you will have a fantastic view troughout the Marmolada and Monzoni. The trail contines up to the marmot valley until you arrive to the Rifugio Roda di Vaèl.
The way back takes us to the Paolina hut and in the end we descend to Passo Carezza.
9:00 am Bike along the "Schlern" and "Hammerwand" (max. 8 E-Bikes to rent € 25/day - MTB € 22/day)
10.00 am Lady sauna in the steam bath from 10 to 12 am
3.00 pm Slackline - how to balance like the professional climbers
You always wanted to balance from one peak to the other by a slackline? :-)
Fitness trainer Marco shows you how to do it. Learn tips and tricks- beginning with light exercises you will learn to balance on the tape. Meeting point: fitness area
4.00 pm Relaxation for muscels (45 minutes)
This is one of the easiest way to create relaxation exercise. Individual muscles are tense in these exercises and relaxed again. From the hand of starting one after the other all the muscles are addressed by the arms and legs to the facial muscles.
This method is called after "Jakobsen". You can reach an overall physical deep relaxation. (Duration 45 min.)
5.00 pm Sauna fragrance with singing bowls in the clay sauna argilla
6.00 pm "Mysticism of Gregorian" sauna ritual in the hay sauna
Saturday, 29.04.2017
8.00 am Water Fitness
This fitnesstrainig in the water differs significantly from the conventional water aerobics. There are not just shifted exercises from land to water, but we use the highest degree the properties of water. Consequently, the exercises are done in, with, and against the water. Duration about 35 minutes.
09.50 am Herb and floral tour to the Plafötsch hut
We walk from the hotel going in the direction Tschamin vally to the Doss meadows. Our hiking guide told about the customs and stories of the Tiers valley and explain about the rich floral and fauna of San Cipriano. You walk to the Plafötsch hut and in an arc back to the hotel. 400 hm ↑ ↓ about 3-4 hours walk. return at 2:00 PM
10.00 am Lady sauna in the clay sauna from 10 to 12 am
3.00 pm Bodytoning
You ever wanted to have a well trained and good looking body? With specific exercises we´ll work and try to strenghten the whole body.
Duration about 30 minutes
4.00 pm Respiratory Training "Buteyko" (at the fitness area)
5.00 pm Sauna ritual Tyrolean style in the hay sauna
6.00 pm Sauna ritual with beer
6.15 pm Tour of the hotel and welcome prosecco
Sunday, 30.04.2017
08.00 am Pilates
Pilates is a systematic total body workout, which especially strengthens our body and at the same time our attitude improved as it reaches the deepest layers of muscle. On the basis of simple exercises you will get an insight into this fascinating form of training. Duration about 40 min.
9.30 am Tschamin Valley Rechter Leger
500 hm ↑ ↓ altitude difference. About 3-4 hours walk. Easy hiking tour.
We start directly from the hotel over the Traun meadows and the Doss meadows until the "Schwarzer Lettn" at the entrance of the Ciamin Valley. Now the trail leads us along the river following the wild and romantic valley Ciamin to the "Erster Leger" until then to get to "Rechter Leger". A beautiful view of the Grasleiten Towers and the Ciamin peaks. The return will be on the same trail until Cyprianerhof.
Return approximately at 2:30 PM.
10.00 am Lady sauna in the stone pine sauna from 10 to 12 am
3.00 pm Suspension Training (TRX)
The sling training is a very effective total body workout. Practice together with our fitness trainer Andreas.
With the Sling Trainer is mainly the strength endurance trained through the use of your own body weight. It will be based primarily trains the low-lying small muscles close to the joint. All exercises on loops coach have a positive effect on the intra-muscular coordination, or on the interaction of the muscle groups and core stability, since the exercises always run across multiple joints, which must be stabilized. The principle is that your own body weight must be kept in balance and unstable layers in the trunk all the time maintaining its stability.
Meeting Point fitness area
4.00 pm Respiratory Training "Buteyko" (at the fitness area)
5.00 pm Sauna infusion "Africa" in the "Schupfensauna"
Fancy a trip from the Dolomites to the african savanna? Drum rolls and the aroma of citrus fruits will accompany you.
6.00 pm Welcome evening and presentation of the programme for the following week with Martin and the mountain guides
Useful and interesting facts
Free use of the public busses and trains in South Tyrol. Available at the reception. The carriage by chairlifts and taxis are not included in the Mobilcard. For this cost every guest is responsible on his own.

For tours and activities listed in our book we ask you to subscribe at least one day before. For climbing and via ferrata, you can contact the reception.
For all other activities (for example the relaxation programs) there is not no need for registration.

Hotel bill
We ask you to settle your hotel bill between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m.

Decoration in our Hotel
All the decoration in our hotel is for sale.
Our shop is opened from Monday to Friday between 08 a.m. - 12 a.m. and 15 p.m. - 19 p.m. (Wednesday afternoon closed), Saturday between 08 a.m. and 16 p.m.

Out of respect to all fellow guests and the lovely prepared meals we ask you not to apperar in bathrobe during breakfast, lunch, afternoon break and evening meal. Thank you very much for your comprehension. – Fam. Damian!
Subject to modifications and amendments.

Subject to modifications and amendments.