Il nostro chef consiglia



Today you'll find an olives spread on the table
Toasted Bruschetta with seafood and tomatoes
€ 8,00
Refreshing drink with Avocado, orange juice, lemon and ginger
€ 5,50


Fennel cream soup with smoked char
€ 8,00
Homemade Spaghetti alla chitarra of Locust bean gum wheat panned with duck ragout
€ 11,00
Oven fresh Palatschinken in Fiorentia style with tomato sauce
€ 10,50


Grilled salmon trout fillet, marinaded to oven aubergine
€ 21,00
Pink roasted boiled fillet of calf with juniper crust gratin and potato sticks
€ 23,00
Oven fresh sorghum casserole with kohlrabi and Pecorino
€ 16,00


Different sweets from the buffet
€ 10,00
Fresh fruits, mixed ice cream and south tyrolean cheese from the buffet
€ 11,00

This evening we suggest you to enjoy a Grappa Amorosa di Vespaiola to our hikers bar...;-) € 10,00