Sporty climber’s dish: Modern South Tyrolean cuisine
Healthy and natural food of local products
Vegetarian dishes

Tonight we recommend you a Gin Tonic (with the Gin Z44 of the South Tyrolean distillery Roner) for € 11,00


Ginger or ginger root is the rhizome of the plant Zingiber officinale, consumed as a delicacy, medicine, or spice. It lends its name to its genus and family (Zingiberaceae). Ginger cultivation began in South Asia and has since spread to East Africa and the Caribbean.

Tschamin water

The hotels in Tires, they want to stimulate thought. The Tschamin water that seeps slowly from the plateau Schlern through the porous dolomite rock and is enriched with minerals and trace elements springs at an altitude of 1,540 m, is served throughout the valley to € 2,00.

The proceeds of the Cyprianerhof goes as a donation to the Mountain Rescue

Moni's Specials

Dry-Aged Beef Rib-Eye of Hannes Mair’s butchery (approx. 300 gr.) € 60,00
Beef Fassona Tagliata from Piemonte with rocket, cherry tomatoes and roasted almond flakes (approx. 200 gr.) € 40,00
Our veal Viennese Schnitzel in “schüttelbrot“ crust with roasted potatoes and home made lingonberry jam € 20,00
Prompt “Kaiserschmarren” with fruit served three ways € 18,00

"Chardonnay Stoass"

Winery Pfitscher Montan
colour: yellow
fragrance: soft, fruity, typical
flavour: dry, fresh and pleasantly full-bodied
Price: 23,00 €

"Cuvee - Reserve del Conte"

Winery Manincor
A full-blooded dark red wine with an appealing fruity bouquet reminiscent of red berry fruits with hints of spices, delicious and succulent on the palate, of elegant structure and ripe, velvety tannins with a pleasant afterglow. 
Price: 33,00 €

We at the Cyprianerhof live and work sustainable


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