Our head chef recommends
Today you'll find a cress-sour cream spread on the table

Our "spring roll" filled with ceps on parsley dip
 € 8,00

Sweet-and-sour drink rich in vitamins
 € 5,50

Spicy french onion soup scolloped with puff pastry
 € 8,00

Giant samosa filled with sauerkraut on tepid calf's head slice
 € 11,00

Home made melanzane dumplings with cherry tomatoes
 € 10,50

Pink roasted lamb dorsum in black bread coat with dried tomatoes on potato rösti
 € 21,00

Young pig filet au gratin with herb crust to pumpkin vegetable
 € 23,00

Olive-parmesan cheese tarte with tomato-olive sauce
 € 16,00

Linzer in another way with home made yoghurt ice cream
 € 10,00

Fresh fruit, ice cream and southtyrolean cheese from the buffet
 € 11,00

After dinner we will serve you an aquavite of apricots at the bar...;-) € 11,00