Il nostro chef consiglia
Different salads and dressings from the buffet
Today you'll find a rocket spread on the table

Nizza salad by my way
 € 8,00

Cold mountain herb bowle with melon
 € 5,50

Essence of beetroot from Aica di Fiè with horseradish cam
 € 8,00

Homemade Pasta triangles filled with stracchino and raw ham
 € 11,00

Creamy risotto Carnaroli with peanut butter and roasted duck's liver
 € 10,50

Pink roasted wild boar back with red wine and elder sauce to gently caramelized parsnip
 € 21,00

With vegetables larded calf's shoulder to potato chanterelle geröstel
 € 23,00

Variation of sweet potato
 € 16,00

Tarte Tatin with nougat bonbon and salty caramel icecream
 € 10,00

Fresh fruits, mixed ice cream and south tyrolean cheese from the buffet
 € 11,00

This evening we suggest you to enjoy a Grappa Amorosa di Vespaiola to our hikers bar...;-) € 10,00