Il nostro chef consiglia
Today you'll find a sun-dried tomato spread on the table

Cucumber roll with roasted shrimp
 € 8,00

Lingonberry-goji and yoghurt drink
 € 5,50

Creamy green spelt soup and topinambur
 € 8,00

Home-made Cannelloni filled with wild ragout to cranberry butter
 € 11,00

Gnocchi alla fiorentina (semolina-spinach dumplings au gratin to bechamel)
 € 10,50

Ovenbraised veal knuckle on bicolor spatzle and weiss beer sauce
 € 21,00

Crusty guinea fowl chest in parmesan cheese and cardamom coat on asparagus
 € 23,00

Vegetable cous cous with curry to grilled skiz cheese
 € 16,00

Double Chocolate Cake with home-made blueberry ice cream
 € 10,00

Fresh fruits, mixed ice cream and south tyrolean cheese from the buffet
 € 11,00

After dinner we will serve you an acquavite of pears at the bar... ;-) € 5,00